Data as a Service


As a leading provider of mission-critical trading technology, TS recognizes the importance of providing high-quality and timely data to capital markets. Our Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) product is an evolution in the data utility movement specifically designed for customers who demand access to the breadth of financial data necessary to drive today's trading and regulatory requirements while easily integrating within a firm's technological ecosystem.


  • Significantly reduce the cost related to data sourcing, cleansing and loading.
  • Improve operational efficiency through the quality, timeliness and consistency of critical data.
  • Accelerate your product delivery road map and drive business innovation.
  • Simplify complex data management infrastructures, meet expanding regulatory requirements and ultimately, reduce operating costs.


TS's DaaS platform has been organically developed, meeting the mission-critical demands for data quality, referential integrity, and high availability to support our global multi-asset user community.

TS understands the intense data requirements required to operate in today's global marketplace. Our DaaS platform aggregates and normalizes data across multiple sources. We utilize a rules-driven methodology to provide clients with referential data with unrivaled quality.

TS has a data operations team staffed globally, dedicated to maintaining and improving data content.

Our DaaS platform frees up in-house technology staff, simplifies production processes, and eliminates the need for infrastructure and storage. We offer normalized data APIs and ease of system integration that will greatly reduce the development implementation time resulting in improved time-to-market results. Through our DaaS platform, you have access to the following data categories:

  • Fully normalized multi- asset class Instrument Master spanning Equity, ETF, Funds, Futures, Options, Strategies, Fixed Income, Warrants / Structured Products, CDS, IRS, and FX
  • Fundamental and EOD Prices
  • Corporate Actions
  • Historical tick-by-tick database with over 10 years of Equity, Futures, Options, Fixed Income, Warrants, and FX ticks and trades
  • IOIs and Axes
  • Access all Orders and Executions transacted across TS's trading network
  • Access real-time position and cash balances maintained with TS OMS

*Note that TS does not provide access to real-time market data via this API

Product Data Coverage Map

The below world map depicts TS's product data coverage. Note that products that are listed on multiple venues are counted only once in this diagram.